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Dupuis Angers & Associates, is an expert consulting firm specialized in supporting companies in the life sciences sector. We guide our clients in the development of marketing strategies and in their search for business partners, with the goal of ensuring that their innovations move quickly from the laboratory to the marketplace.

We know how to create business plans that bring added value to our clients’ innovations. We are particularly active in the commercialization of probiotics, genomics-derived products, and pharmaceutical processing plants, as well as in the development of strategic plans for business incubators.

Our firm also supports organizations in managing the implementation of innovations, and provides ongoing coaching to scientific and marketing teams.

At Dupuis Angers & Associates, we help researchers become true scientific entrepreneurs. We understand science, we have a keen business sense, and we know how to seize the right opportunities at the right time, especially for the marketing of probiotics, genomics-derived products, and pharmaceutical processing plants, as well as for the development of strategic plans for business incubators. We share our expertise with our clients and guide them on the path to success.

We know how to adapt to market demands when necessary, but, first and foremost, we deal head-on with the realities our clients have to face. We build trusting relationships with them by respecting their values and their distinct management styles. For us, it is essential that we consider the interests of the members of the organization because we don’t work in isolation. We support managers, offering a neutral, unbiased point of view, in particular to help define the respective roles of their team members.

By placing a fundamental importance on the human factor throughout our interventions, we are able to truly understand our clients’ goals and, ultimately, establish relationships with the right strategic partners in order to forge mutually beneficial agreements.

Our approach is simple but proven: first, we take our inspiration from your goals and expectations, then we guide you in the successful development of your business.

The life sciences industry is constantly evolving and the challenges for scientific entrepreneurs in terms of marketing are becoming increasingly complex. These challenges can be numerous; from managing growth, and pursuing strategic alliances, to technological innovation, R & D, and the planning or redefinition of development strategies, all are potential pitfalls awaiting our clients. By clearly articulating well-documented, case-specific business plans, Dupuis Angers & Associates is second to none at guiding clients in their thought processes and their actions.


Ensuring the successful development of a start-up company constitutes one of the biggest challenges in the business world; and we know what pitfalls to avoid. From the outset, we can support the executive team in its decision-making process in a collaborative way.


We firmly believe that the path to growth and to true value for shareholders is dependent on the quality of the strategic alliances forged by an organization. Thanks to our network of contacts, we can help clients connect with the right partners and establish lasting relationships that will help propel the company to new heights.

Strategic Support

We can support companies throughout the development and implementation of their business plan and with human resources development, all with the meaningful and active involvement of internal collaborators. Whether it be marketing or business development, our analysis will be an accurate reflection of your ideas and objectives combined with our in-depth understanding of the market.


We recognize the importance of introducing new technologies as an essential strategic tool for driving growth and development. To that end, we support our clients in their innovation efforts by contributing our rigorous business practices and our thorough understanding of the scientific world.

As a life sciences consultant, Dupuis Angers offers his clients nearly 40 years of experience in management, in production, and in business development.

A trained pharmacist, Angers has acquired extensive and diverse experience in a variety of industries, most notably in the fields of probiotics, genomics, and in the management of processing plants. He also participated in the development of a strategic plan for a business incubator supporting emerging technology companies in Shawinigan.

Dupuis Angers is driven by a profound desire to see his clients succeed and become leaders in their industry. Since the creation of his firm in 2003, he has had the fortune to develop stimulating projects for a number of organizations, including: